Exhaust system for the Ferrari F348, no valves, T309 stainless, polished

Retail prices incl. VAT:
Exhaust system (order number: 02FE06003002): 2.946,95 Euro
Sports catalytic converter 200 cells without heat protection (order number: 02FE06003004): 3.046,28 Euro/pair
Sports catalytic converter 200 cells with heat protection (order number: 02FE06003005): 3.741,63 Euro/Paar
Catalyst spare pipe (order number: 02FE06003003): 430,45 Euro/pair

The systems allows free flowing gasses through the silencer with no valves. It comes in the sound 1,2 and 3 of which 3 is the loudest possible and most popular version.

Sound 1: ca. 10 dBA louder than OEM
Sound 2: ca. 18 dBA louder than OEM
Sound 3: generates typical Ferrari F1 sound

As for the manual valve controller follow the link on the right hand side.
In case of installing the sports catalytic converter, it may happen under some circumstances that the check engine light is triggered.

We expressly point out that this exhaust system comes without german homologation. For this reason it is not allowed to use this exhaust on public roads in Germany and also partly not allowed in some other countries this applies as well to cat spare pipes (test pipes) and sports cats. Please respect the legal requirements in the respective country. Avoid reving while the vehicle is not moving, since the large flames that come out, could be a cause for the vehicle to burn! Sport exhaust systems which are not allowed on public streets, are meant to be used exclusively for sport racing purposes and on private racing tracks. The use on public roads is done on one's own risk. Before the exhaust system is installed, the buyer must ensure that the use of the exhaust is allowed in their corresponding country.

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