Ferrari 430 Scuderia manifold

Ferrari 430 Scuderia manifold

Header for the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, completely made from 1.4828 stainless steel polished, with heat protectors

Retail price incl. VAT (order no.: 02FE 023 03 013): 5.032,99 Euro

The header brings a noticeable increase in power and torque. Since the system is compatible with the original catalytic converters, the headers can also be used as a cost-effective substitute for a defective original header. With the newly-developed heat protectors, the amount of heat radiated within the engine compartment is reduced. The heat protectors are visibly more effective than those of the original system. They can also be attached to the headers later on without dismantling.

*It is not allowed to use cat spare pipes (test pipes) and sports cats on public roads in Germany and partly some other countries. Please respect the legal requirements in the respective country. Avoid reving while the vehicle is not moving, since the large flames that come out, could be a cause for the vehicle to burn! Sport exhaust systems which are not allowed on public streets, are meant to be used exclusively for sport racing purposes and on private racing tracks. The use on public roads is done on one's own risk. Before the exhaust system is installed, the buyer must ensure that the use of the exhaust is allowed in their corresponding country.

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