manual valve control

Manual valve controller

Remote control kit for manually opening and closing the exhaust valves

retail price inc. german VAT (Order No.: 04AZ 007 03 002): 463,56 Euro

In addition to our programmable control unit, we also have a simplified version to offer. Basically it can be attached on nearly all types of vehicles, which in-series have exhaust valves. Most of the in-series control units open and close the exhaust valves according to a set program pattern. With our control unit, we are able to control the flaps to open permanently, without the in-series control being able to intervene. When the exhaust valve system is closed again with the use of the remote control unit, then the in-series control unit will again take over the control of the exhaust valves.

We expressly point out that this parts comes without the approval of the German T‹V authority. For this reason it is not allowed to use this exhaust on public roads in Germany and also partly not allowed in some other countries. Please observe the legal requirements in the respective country.

Installation- and user manual

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