Individual high-performance exhaust systems

Exhaust system for the Ferrari 488 GTB and GTS, with valves, 1.4828 (T309) stainless, polished, incl. remote control kit. All parts are compatible ... » more

Ferrari 488 carbon parts

Set of motor compartment covers (left, right and front) for the Ferrari 488 GTB. 100% carbon Retail prices incl. VAT: fabric L glossy (order nu... » more

Ferrari 488 power enhancement

488 performance box for the Ferrari 488 GTB, tough Aluminum die cast housing black, incl. cables with the appropriate connectors Retail price in... » more

Ferrari 458/FF/488 wheel spacers

Wheel spacers for the Ferrari 458, FF and 488 original rims, with parts assessment We are offering two different sets for the 458. Both are cnc-... » more

manual valve control

Remote control kit for manually opening and closing the exhaust valves retail price inc. german VAT (Order No.: 04AZ 007 03 002): 463,56 Euro ... » more

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