Audi R8 V10 4S PA exhaust system

29.06.2019 // Exhaust system Audi R8 V10 4S PA read more »

Lamborghini Urus exhaust system

29.06.2019 // Exhaust system Lamborghini Urus read more »


13.06.2019 // HinweisWir weisen Sie darauf hin, daß wir Daten von Ihnen gespeichert haben. Wenn Sie damit weiterhin einverstanden sind, daß wir diese gespeicherten Daten verwenden, brauch... read more »

BMW M2 Competition exhaust system

12.06.2019 // exhaust system BMW M2 Competition read more »

Mercedes C63 (205) Downpipes

08.06.2019 // Downpipes Mercedes C63 (205) read more »

Lamborghini Huracán Performante exhaust system

23.05.2019 // Exhaust System Lamborghini Huracán Performante read more »

Porsche 991.2 Carrera GTS exhaust system

11.05.2019 // exhaust system Porsche 991.2 Carrera GTS read more »

GLE43 Coupé C292/SUV W166 exhaust system

02.04.2019 // exhaust system GLE43 Coupé C292/SUV W166 read more »

Mercedes E53 AMG W/S/213 ehaust system

15.03.2019 // exhaust sytem E53 AMG W/S/213 read more »

Porsche 991.1/991.2 GT3/GT3RS middle silencer spare

11.03.2019 // middle silencer spare with valves Porsche 991.1/991.2 GT3/GT3RS read more »

Mercedes AMG G63/G500(W463A) exhaust system

04.02.2019 // exhaust system Mercedes AMG G63/G500(W463A) read more »

Mercedes AMG GT-4/GTs-4 X290 exhaust system

31.01.2019 // exhaust system Mercedes AMG GT-4/GTs-4 X290 read more »

Mercedes GLC 63S X253 exhaust system

20.10.2018 // Mercedes GLC 63S exhaust system read more »

Ferrari Portofino

19.10.2018 // Exhaust for the Ferrari Portofino and E2E für OEM read more »

Abschlussfeier 2018

16.10.2018 // Abschlussfeier 12.15.2018 registration here read more »

S63 MOPF W222

08.10.2018 // Mercedes S63 MOPF W222 exhaust system read more »

Mercedes GLS63 GL63 X166 exhaust system

21.09.2018 // Mercedes GLS63 GL63 X166 exhaust system read more »

Ferrari GTC4 V8 exhaust

20.07.2018 // Ferrari GTC4 V8 exhaust read more »

Porsche 991/991.2 ECE system for OEM cats

19.07.2018 // ECE system for use with OEM cats read more »

BMW M5 F90 exhaust system

18.05.2018 // Exhaust system for the BMW M5 F90more.. read more »

488 GTB carbon side covers

17.05.2018 // 488 GTB carbon motor compartment covers setmore.. read more »

Audi RS5 F5 carbon parts

16.05.2018 // Audi RS5 F5 carbon partsmore.. read more »

Ferrari GTC4

10.04.2018 // Exhaust system for the Ferrari GTC4 V12 Lussomore.. read more »

Audi S8 (D4)

08.03.2018 // Exhaust system for the Audi S8 (D4)more.. read more »

Audi RS4 (B9)

07.03.2018 // Exhaust system for the Audi RS4 (B9)more.. read more »

Audi RS5 (F5)

06.03.2018 // Exhaust system for the Audi RS5 (F5)more.. read more »

Audi S5 (F5)

05.03.2018 // Exhaust system for the Audi S5 (F5)more.. read more »

Ferrari 812 Superfast

04.03.2018 // Exhaust system for the Ferrari 812 Superfastmore.. read more »

Mercedes GLC43 (X253)

02.03.2018 // Exhaust system for the Mercedes GLC43 (X253)more.. read more »

McLaren 675LT

01.03.2018 // Exhaust system for the McLaren 675LTmore.. read more »

McLaren 720S

24.01.2018 // McLAREN 720S Exhaust Systemnow availablemore.. read more »

Aventador S LP740

06.12.2017 // Exhaust system for the Lamborghini Aventador S LP740more.. read more »

Mercedes AMG E63S W213 Exhaust system

09.10.2017 // Exhaust system for the Mercedes AMG E63S W213more.. read more »

488GTS motor compartment side covers

13.04.2017 // Set: motor compartment side covers L/R for the Ferrari 488 GTS, full carbon, glossy finish or mattfinishedmore.. read more »

MERCEDES S500 Coupé & Cabriolet

24.03.2017 // Exhaust system for the Mercedes S500 C217 Coupé and Cabriolet incl. ECE now onlinemore.. read more »

488 GTB, GTS air box and lock cover

16.02.2017 // Set: Air box and lock cover for the Ferrari 488 GTB and GTS made from full carbonmore.. read more »


21.12.2016 // Exhaust system for the BMW X5M and X6M with ECEmore.. read more »

Audi S7 exhaust

21.12.2016 // NEW: Exhaust for the Audi S7 4G with ECEmore.. read more »

Audi R8 2015 front spoiler

29.11.2016 // Audi R8 front spoiler now available as is, or as part of a set with front fins!Front spoiler: front spoiler plus front fins: read more »

G63 AMG side pipes

17.11.2016 // Mercedes G63 side pipes incl. controller (ECE in progress)more.. read more »


14.11.2016 // Exhaust system with controller for the Bentley Bentaygamore.. read more »

488GTS carbon bonnet

28.10.2016 // Carbon bonnet for the Ferrari 488GTS (design W, alternative design follows later)more.. read more »

Huracán carbon bonnets

25.10.2016 // Carbon bonnet for Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 und LP580-2 with safety screens, two designs in two different woven fabrics availablemore.. read more »

Audi R8 carbon front fins

11.10.2016 // R8 2015 Carbon front fins with srew fastening more.. read more »

New systems!

28.09.2016 // New systems in pool:BMW M2 (F87 2015)MERCEDES C63 AMG (W/S/C 205 2015) read more »

Audi R8 carbon side fins

20.09.2016 // Audi R8 carbon side fins are now available!read.. read more »

Ferrari 488 power enhancement

28.06.2016 // NEW: 488 performance box for the Ferrari 488 GTB, tough Aluminum die cast housing black, incl. cables with the appropriate connectorsmore.. read more »

Nissan GTR Exhaust

23.06.2016 // Exhaust system for Nissan GTR MK3 now availablemore.. read more »

Side panel 488 GTB

22.06.2016 // Full carbon side panel in air intake now availablemore.. read more »


13.06.2016 // Exhaust system for MASERATI GHIBLI is online!more.. read more »

PORSCHE 991-2 Carrera S BiTurbo

24.03.2016 // New exhaust system for PORSCHE 991-2 Carrera S BiTurbo (12-2015) read more »

GLE63 GLE500

16.03.2016 // New exhaust system for GLE 63 AMGNew exhaust system for GLE 500 AMGmore.. read more »


26.02.2016 // NEW PRODUCTS ONLINEMercedes GT/GTs C7 read more »

Lamborghini Squadra Corse Super Trofeo

19.01.2016 // “Passion at its finest” for Lamborghini Squadra Corse - an ideal symbiosisAn obsession with detail and a dedication to perfection are the motivation for Antonio Capristo, founde... read more »

Mercedes E63 T AMG exhaust system

18.01.2016 // Exhaust system for the Mercedes E63 T AMG (S212 since 2011)MORE read more »

Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust & Carbon

08.01.2016 // Exhaust and Carbon Parts for the Ferrari 488 GTBREAD read more »


15.10.2015 // BMW M5, M6 (F10, F12, F13) with ECE approval read more »

Ferrari California T exhaust system

15.07.2015 // Exhaust system for the Ferrari California Tmore.. read more »

Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 Exhaust

09.07.2015 // Exhaust system for the Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4more.. read more »

Alfa Romeo 4C coilover suspension

19.06.2015 // Special coilover suspension H&R, for better driving behavior, lowering rear 45mm, front adjustablemore.. read more »

BMW M3, M4 F80, F82, F83

05.05.2015 // Exhaust BMW M3, M4 onlinemore.. read more »

Capristo Automotive

23.02.2015 // Since we expanded our field of activity, we decided to change our company\'s name adequately to Capristo Automotive GmbH. Valid from now on. read more »

Price increase March 1st 2015

02.02.2015 // Please take note, that we have to make a price increase of 6% by March the 1st 2015. read more »

Direct sales

22.01.2015 // Direct sales for Belgium Exhaust systems can now be purchased directly from us! Except for Ferrari: Contact Alboreto Racing read more »

Mercedes SL 500

07.01.2015 // Exhaust system for the Mercedes SL500 R231, with valves and programmable controller CES-3more.. read more »

In good company.

17.12.2014 // Always in good company.Each exhaust system comes with some delicatessen.This noble wine is cultured in Calabria, Italy, the birth place of Antonio Capristo. The chocolates origi... read more »

458 Speciale diffusor

10.12.2014 // 458 Speciale carbon diffusormore.. read more »

Mercedes SL65 AMG

20.10.2014 // Exhaust system for the Mercedes SL65 read more »

Original parts link has moved!

19.10.2014 // The links to the original spare parts from Ferrari and Maserati have been moved to a better place!Just click on \"Car Models\" and find the new buttons.Direct link to the Ferrar... read more »

Like us!

11.09.2014 // Visit us on Facebook! read more »

Porsche 991 Turbo S

17.07.2014 // Exhaust System for the Porsche 991 Turbo read more »

Bentley Continental GT V8+S

01.07.2014 // Exhaust system for the Bentley Continental GT V8 und GT V8 Smore... read more »

458 Speciale New Carbon Parts

30.06.2014 // New carbon parts for the 458 Speciale more... read more »

Alfa Romeo 4C conversion kit

30.06.2014 // Alfa Romeo 4C conversion kitmore... read more »

Ferrari 458 Speciale exhaust system

02.06.2014 // Valve controlled exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 Speciale, 1.4828 stainless, polishedOrder number: 03FE00403001retail price incl. german VATMuffler: 4760,00 € (control unit f... read more »

F458 Carbon set of front wings

22.05.2014 // Art.Nr.: 03FE41001110 Set of front wings (L/R) for the Ferrari 458 Spider and Italia,  full carbon, with mounting flange, glossy finish.  The internal mounting and fix... read more »

Mercedes C63 AMG W/S/C 204 since 2007

21.05.2014 // Entire exhaust system for the Mercedes C63 6,3 V8 AMG W/S/C 204 since 2007, containing: Manifolds (R/L) 02MB020050010110 with 2x sports cats 200cpi (R/L), 1x middle silencer (R/... read more »

Jaguar F-Type V8 S complete

24.03.2014 // retail price incl. german VAT: 6693,75 EuroOrder No.: 02JA02803001 valve- and backpressure controlled exhaust system for the Jaguar F-Type V8 S Compressor. Order No.: 04AZ007030... read more »

Porsche Boxster 981 Manifold

12.02.2014 // Retail price incl. 19% VAT: 3718,75 EuroOrder No.: 05PO01005001 Manifold with 200 cell sports-cat. Made from heat resisting stainless steel 1.4828 (T309). Welded and polished by... read more »

Mercedes E63 V8 AMG

21.01.2014 // Exhaust System Mercedes E63 V8 AMG, 2 valvesmore.. read more »

Audi RS6 Biturbo/RS7 Sportback

14.12.2013 // Exhaust for the Audi RS6 Biturbo and RS7 Sportback. This system needs no middle silencer and is at the German TUEV at the moment, waiting for a TUEV RS6to RS7 read more »

Exhaust system BMW 435i

12.12.2013 // Exhaust system for the BMW 435i. The middle muffler is replaced by a pipe. The system is made from 1.4828 stainless and has two exhaust-valves. There are 2 types of end pipes to... read more »

Audi R8 X-Pipe

01.12.2013 // New X-Pipe system for Audi R8 read more »

Motorshow Essen 2013

01.12.2013 // Motorshow Essen 2013 read more »

991 Carrera exhaust system

03.06.2013 // watch 991 exhaust system read more »

F12 exhaust

24.05.2013 // watch Ferrari F12 exhaust read more »


22.02.2013 // In 2010 various sport exhausts of 4 different manufacturers underwent extensive testing by the company Trade Partner Europe, London-UK. The first prize was awarded to the... read more »

carbon fiber engine bonnet for 458

21.02.2013 // view engine bonnet read more »

exhaust system for FF

06.02.2013 // exhaust system for Ferrari FF coming soonwatch exhaust system read more »

exhaust system for BMW 650i

06.02.2013 // exhaust system for BMW 650iwatch exhaust system read more »

exhaust system for AMG CLS 63

13.11.2012 // Exhaust system for the AMG CLS 63 is availablewatch exhaust system read more »

Exhaust system for BMW M3 E92

26.10.2012 // see exhaust system read more »

Aston Martin exhaust systems

20.03.2012 // New exhaust systems for Aston Martin Vantage V8 and V12 and DBS Vantage V8 und V12 exhaust DBS V12 exhaust read more »

exhaust for Porsche Panamera

09.01.2012 // Exhaust systems for Porsche Panamera V8watch exhaust system for Panamera V8 watch exhaust system for Panamera V8 Turbo read more »

capristo Wins Exhaust Award

10.02.2010 // Our sport exhaust system for the Lamborghini Gallardo underwent extensive testing at the beginning of this year. The exhaust systems of various manufacturers was tested, among t... read more »

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