Capristo Automotive GmbH from Sundern produces disposable breathing masks against the further spread of COVID-19.

The spread of COVID-19 has suddenly changed the whole world. Daily life and also working life were changed very much, in order to minimize the further spread of the disease more and more breathing masks had to be used.

In many companies, the wearing of breathing masks became mandatory.

We also had to revise rules of conduct to minimize the risk of infection, including the wearing of a respiratory mask or mouth-nose cover.
Wearing a respirator or mouth-nose cover can minimize the risk of infecting others with COVID-19.

To protect his own employees against the further spread of COVID-19, Antonio Capristo developed his own cotton mouth-nose covers. These produced mouth-nose-coverings are reusable, and give the possibility to put a handkerchief inside, so the mouth-nose-coverings are refreshed as needed.

But Capristo does not want to remain inactive for the general population either. Capristo Automotive GmbH no longer wants to allow mankind to have to do without simple things like a breathing mask because none are available or are sold overpriced.
The decision was quickly made! We must produce breathing masks Made in Germany!

Own breathing masks where we control the prices and prevent that they are sold overpriced!
Machines have been ordered!
Even the raw material for the production of breathing masks is produced in Sundern, the production of breathing masks
Made in Germany must be independent, our goal is breathing masks for everyone and at fair prices.

The first respirators have already come off the production line, the production facilities are currently being optimized and we hope that the first respirators will be on the market in July.


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