Capristo Automotive CARBON PARTS

In addition to exhaust systems, Capristo is also a renowned manufacturer of high-quality carbon body parts for sports cars and super sports cars.
for which Capristo is just as famous due to its high level of quality and continuous improvement.


Capristo Automotive is a manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber body parts for sports cars and super sports cars.
Carbon has an enormous degree of strength and stability which is similar to steel. However, it is significantly lighter.

With a carbon fiber fabric soaked in resin, a carbon part is produced.
An enormous advantage of carbon is that it cannot rust. It therefore has low material fatigue.
Several layers of this fabric are glued together in a self-made form.
For curing, the part is now placed in the autoclave or in a specially made press.

A carbon part gives the vehicle a high degree of style.
Capristo uses the same fabric as the car manufacturers themselves to match the vehicle to the original.
Each carbon part is available in matted or shiny finish.

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