Capristo presents a high-quality rear muffler with exhaust valves for the Ferrari F 355.

Since the quality decides with Capristo, this exhaust system is manufactured from heat-resistant 1,4828 high-grade steel. This high-quality material gives the Capristo system a long service life. The exhaust systems are manufactured exclusively by hand in a WIG welding process. The systems are then polished to a high gloss. A quality control completes the manufacturing process.

This system was developed over a period of more than 6 months and solves the well-known problem of the original F355 system.
In elaborate tests we have found out that in the series system the exhaust gases do not flow through the exhaust system as planned.
The gases flow exclusively through the bypass and generate a negative pressure in the catalysts. Since the exhaust paths of the catalytic converter and the bypass converge again in the silencer, the resulting negative pressure in the catalytic converter ensures that the hot exhaust gases from the silencer are sucked backwards through the catalytic converter, heat up further and are reintroduced into the exhaust system during the bypass. This circuit heats up the system enormously and even damages the elbows due to the enormous amount of heat and the resulting dynamic pressure.
Our system circumvents this problem by including two separate circuits for the different exhaust gas paths. As a result, fresh cold outside air is fed into the system when a negative pressure is created and additionally cools it down. Due to this problem, we do not recommend the installation of sports catalytic converters or catalyzer replacement tubes, as this will further aggravate the problem and will not generate more power.

When the sports catalytic converters are installed, the engine indicator light (Check engine light) may light up under certain circumstances, depending on how the ECU is programmed.

The exhaust flap kit fixes a known problem of the 355 models. The original exhaust flap of the 355 requires negative pressure to open completely. If, as a result of a leak in the vacuum system (porous hose or similar), part of the necessary vacuum is lost, the original flap is no longer able to open. This generates too much dynamic pressure in high speed ranges. This is one of the reasons why the manifolds of the 355 are often damaged.
Our replacement kit contains an exhaust flap that works in the opposite direction and opens automatically in case of a defect in the vacuum system and remains in this state. In addition, the exhaust valve has our patented backlash-free bearing, which ensures optimum and vibration-free operation even at high temperatures.
In addition, the kit consists of an electromagnetic switching valve, vacuum hose made of silicone, two sealing rings and vacuum box with heat protection.

Matching the optical and technical demand, you bring your Ferrari with this flap exhaust system to an invaluable acoustic sound. Convince yourself!

It is imperative that our exhaust valves are operated using our electronic valves.

We expressly point out that this system is without German approval. The operation of this system on public roads is not permitted in Germany and partly also in other countries. Please be sure to observe the legal regulations in the respective country.

Art. No.
Designation Price
02 FE 030 03 001 Exhaust system without valves 4.731,32 Euro
02 FE 030 03 011 250 cells sports catalytic converters 5.2 / 2.7 without heat protection 3.753,02 Euro/Paar
02 FE 030 03 012 250 cells sports catalytic converters 5.2 / 2.7 with heat protection 4.609,69 Euro/Paar
02 FE 030 03 005 Exhaust valve kit for the Ferrari 355, exhaust valve,
Vacuum devices with heat protection, hose, sealing rings,
electromagnetic switching valve
1.010,94 Euro
04 AZ 007 03 002 RC Kit Control for manual opening and closing of the exhaust valves,
incl. Remote control (ATTENTION! Only in connection with our
exhaust system and our exhaust valve kit
565,92 Euro
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