Front Spoiler

The aim of this conversion was to achieve a design that would integrate with the overall design of the Roma, leaving the original lines and design untouched. Our goal is to underline the elegant and beautiful lines with a classic metal grid and elegant bumper.

The carbon parts are delivered glossy as a standard (and matt on request).

03 FE 130 10 001 Front Bumper with assembly components 13.090,00 Euro
03 FE 130 10 001/04 Front Bumper without assembly components 7.440,00 Euro
03 FE 130 10 001/01 Front Spoiler bottom component 1.800,00 Euro
03 FE 130 10 001/02 Front Spoiler top component 2.150,00 Euro
03 FE 130 10 001/03 Front Spoiler metal grid 1.700,00 Euro


02 AZ 007 03 017-MPM 2CH 001 Performance Box
Aluminium housing, with cable harness and matching connectors
3.382,31 Euro


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