Fernbedienungskit_E2E_04 AZ 007 03 009

Remote control kit (E2E) for OEM and Capristo exhaust system, with wiring harness and remote control, for manual opening of the exhaust flaps. The kit will be inserted into the OEM-signal path.

Art. No.
Designation Price
04AZ 007 03 009 Remote control kit E2E with wiring harness and remote control 565,92 Euro


Please select the relevant configuration for your vehicle from the list and specify when ordering.


We expressly point out that these parts are not required to be street-legal. For this reason it is not allowed to use this system on public roads in Germany and also in some other countries, this applies as well to cat spare pipes (test pipes) and sports cats. Please be sure to observe the legal regulations in the respective country. Avoid giving gas jolts when the vehicle is stationary, as the large jet flames that can come out can cause the vehicle to burn! Sports exhaust systems that are not approved for use on public roads are intended exclusively for racing purposes and may be used on private racetracks. Use on public roads is at your own risk. Before installing the exhaust system, the buyer must ensure that the system can be used in the respective country.

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