Information about the F 360

Capristo presents you a high quality muffler with exhaust valves for the Ferrari F 360.

Since the quality decides with Capristo, this exhaust system is manufactured from heat-resistant 1,4828 high-grade steel. This high-quality material gives the Capristo system a long service life. The exhaust systems are manufactured exclusively by hand in a WIG welding process. The systems are then polished to a high gloss. A quality control completes the manufacturing process.

This system without exhaust flaps is offered by us in 3 sound levels.
Externally, the three sound levels do not differ from each other.

Sound 1: ca. 10 dBA louder than OEM
Sound 2: ca. 18 dBA louder than OEM
Sound 3: generates a typical high frequency F1 sound and gives you the maximum sound experience

When the sports catalytic converters are installed, the engine indicator light (Check engine light) may light up under certain circumstances, depending on how the ECU is programmed.

Exhaust system for the F360, which in principle corresponds to our exhaust system type Sound 3. However, this system also has two exhaust valves. This allows the volume to be reduced by approx. 15 dB(A) when the flaps are closed and the resulting comfort allows longer journeys without problems. This system is very popular with owners of the “Challange Stradale” and customers who like the typical high-frequency Formula 1 sound but want a certain residual comfort.

As an option, a control system with remote control is available, which allows the flaps to be permanently opened or closed on request. The advantage of this simplified control lies in the uncomplicated assembly, which can be carried out by the end user himself in approx. 15 minutes and works according to the “plug and play” principle. No additional power connections or hoses need to be laid.

Matching the optical and technical demand, you bring your Ferrari with this flap exhaust system to an invaluable acoustic sound.

As an owner of a Capristo exhaust system, you can experience a phenomenal sound permanently. Convince yourself!

With use of the control unit the system is freely adjustable and pressure-controlled!

We expressly point out that this system is without German approval. The operation of this system on public roads is not permitted in Germany and partly also in other countries. Please be sure to observe the legal regulations in the respective country.

Art. No.
Designation Price
02 FE 022 03 001 Exhaust system without valves 4.160,95 Euro
02 FE 022 03 002 Exhaust system with exhaust valves, Twin-Sound 4.956,43 Euro
02 FE 022 03 003 Exhaust system Sound 1/3 with exhaust gas valves 5.017,62 Euro
02 FE 022 03 008 Sports catalytic converters without heat protection 250 cells 3.753,02 Euro/Paar
02 FE 022 03 009 Sports catalytic converters with heat protection 250 cells 4.609,69 Euro/Paar
04 AZ 007 03 002 optional control for manual opening and closing 565,92 Euro
02 FE 022 03 007 Water pump 830,00 Euro


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