Capristo presents a high-quality flap exhaust system for the Audi R8 V10 4S PA (from year 02/2019).

Since the quality decides with Capristo, this exhaust system is manufactured from heat-resistant 1,4828 high-grade steel. This high-quality material gives the Capristo system a long service life. The exhaust systems are manufactured exclusively by hand in a WIG welding process. The systems are then polished to a high gloss. A quality control completes the manufacturing process.

With use of the control unit CES-3 the system is freely adjustable and pressure-controlled!

Matching the visual and technical requirements, this flap exhaust system gives your Audi an unfordable acoustic sound.

As an owner of a Capristo exhaust system, you can experience a phenomenal sound permanently. Convince yourself!



Art. No.
Designation Price
With ECE approval
Depending on the software version of the vehicle, the check engine light may only come on with the Capristo rear silencer.
02 AU 008 03 033/CES-3

Rear muffler with CES-3 programmable controller.

Please note the permitted vehicle models in the ECE Approval.

6.813,52 Euro
02 AU 008 03 033

Muffler for original valve control

The ECE approval applies to all vehicles that do not have an exhaust button on the steering wheel.

6.188,78 Euro
02 AU 008 03 034 Catalytic converter / particulate filter replacement pipes (ECU programming required) 1.661,52 Euro
04 AZ 007 03 006 Capristo programmable OBD Wizard 999,60 Euro


Art. No.
Designation Price
Wheel Spacers
02 AU 008 07 001 2x disks star-shaped 12mm (front), x10 titanium screws, Parts Certificate 964,21 Euro
02 AU 008 07 002 2x discs star-shaped 12mm (rear), x10 titanium screws, Parts Certificate 964,21 Euro


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