This is a programmable oxygen sensor simulator which is intended for the use with racing sports catalytic converter (the use on public roads is strictly prohibited). The simulator is used to deliver the correct lambda values to the control unit of the after-cat sensor. This way, a lighting up of the check engine light and the car switching to emergency mode is prevented.

The device is not suitable for users with no computer knowledge and knowledge regarding exhaust gases. An incorrectly programmed simulator can lead to the check engine light lighting up again, as well as having the car switch to emergency mode. It would then be necessary to delete the fault from the fault memory.

We expressly point out that this exhaust system comes without the approval of the German TÜV authority. For this reason it is not allowed to use this exhaust on public roads in Germany, and is also partly not allowed in some other countries Please be sure to observe the legal regulations in the respective country.

Art. No.
Designation Price
04 AZ 007 03 004 CLS-1 Lambda sensor simulator 1.452,72 Euro


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