Manual exhaust flap control for opening and closing the exhaust flaps by remote control. In principle, it can be connected to almost all vehicles that have exhaust gas flaps as standard equipment (provided you have the correct connectors). Most series controllers open and close the exhaust gas flaps according to a fixed programmed pattern. With our control system, the flaps can be opened permanently by remote control, without the series control being able to intervene.
When the flap system is closed again by remote control, the series control takes over control of the exhaust flaps again. The advantage here is that you can never exert a negative influence on the exhaust system, because the programmed opening patterns of the manufacturers are valid again when closed.

In response to repeated customer requests, we have added a function to our control system. You can program the controller so that the motor starts with open flaps. In the past, the control system always returned to series mode after the vehicle was switched off.

We expressly point out that these parts are without German TÜV approval. The operation of this system on public roads is not permitted in Germany and partly also in other countries. Please be sure to observe the legal regulations in the respective country.

Art. No.
Designation Price
04 AZ 007 03 002 Control for manual opening and closing of the exhaust gas flaps, incl. Remote control 565,92 Euro


Attention! We do not recommend to use our RC kit on the Ferrari 488 Pista, because the flaps are already opened as standard.
If you install it anyway, the valve setting MUST be set to reverse. (You will find the instructions below)


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