Reworked back pressure monitoring control unit EVCU-1 (Export Version) which can be freely programmed. This control offers the possibility to individually adjust the ram pressure you want to drive. In this way the maximum possible performance can be achieved. The dynamic pressure, which costs power, is filtered out. This control unit thus combines all advantages in both the low and the higher speed range, as the back pressure can be precisely dosed for maximum engine performance.
All information is sent to the car radio via RDS and can be called up on the radio display. The control by remote control remains.
Most flap-controlled systems open the flaps depending on speed or rpm. However, the engine is not affected by speed or rpm, but by back pressure, which increases with increasing rpm and also depends on the load condition of the engine.

A big advantage of the control system is that it recognizes the driver’s driving style. If the driver accelerates aggressively, our device recognizes this by the way the back pressure is formed and immediately opens the flaps. If the accelerator is normally operated, the flaps will only open later.

We expressly point out that this controller is without German TÜV approval.
Please be sure to observe the legal regulations in the respective country.

Art. No.
Designation Price
04AZ 007 03 011 EVCU-1, programmable controller
with back pressure monitoring, remote control, cables and hoses
Non ECE/Export Version
1.001,30 Euro
04AZ 007 03 001 Handheld transmitter (only necessary for spare parts orders) 61,82 Euro


NOTE: Connect the control unit to the ignition (not to continuous positive)!


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